Payment Options

Payment Is Simple & Easy.
Empire Bail Bonds offers interest free payment plans that enable you to secure quick release and affords you some peace of mind in knowing that there is someone on your side to help you through this tough time.

Bail bond payment options are determined by the amount needed to post bail and who will co-sign the bail agreement should the individual be unable to pay the premium amount on their own. There are a multitude of payment options we’ll discuss with you. Empire Bail Bonds in San Diego tailors every payment option to the individual needs of our clients.

Collateral is sometimes needed, but not always. There are rare instances when we request it, but these are considered on a case-by-case basis. Ultimately, we focus on creating a solution that is comfortable for your specific situation.

Bail Payment with Cash or Credit Cards.
Bail bond companies take cash as payment, generally in advance of service. However, paying for a bail bond with a credit card may be the most convenient form of payment for the client and the bondsman.

Paying by credit card is the quickest way to expedite the bail process and thereby get the defendant out of jail faster. With a credit card payment, Las Vegas bail bond payment and paperwork can be completed by email or fax. Clients are surprised to find that they can arrange bail without coming to the office.

This convenience helps them avoid going out late at night or taking time off work to complete the bail contract process. Paying for a bail bond by credit card often is the best option for parents of college students or anyone who lives far away.